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How to Convert Normal TV into Smart TV

With the advent of Smart devices, people expect something a little smarter today. Ordinary TVs are almost on the way out. Also, Smart TVs are becoming more popular.

Ordinary Televisions can only display content from an HDTV antenna, cable, or another A/V source. The smart TV with powerful processors, and internet access, is more like a smartphone or tablet than the previous tube TV.

Smart TVs can connect to the internet and run a number of appliances. And also, Smart TVs are obtaining more Smart home integration features, and some are also the best Smart home devices. Many TVs are compliant with other connected gadgets in the house, such as the best Smart lights, best Smart locks, and other sensors, and some of the TVs also come with a dedicated dashboard for managing all of your connected gadgets.

What is the difference between “Traditional TV” and “Smart TV”?

A Smart Television can link to the internet through an Ethernet connection or Wi-Fi. This Smart TV is connected with apps that enable users to watch OTT (Over the Top) content. Further, OTT denotes television programs, movies, and other content that is broadcast over a high-speed internet connection without the use of a third-party service provider.

A traditional Television has an LED or LCD screen and several ports for connectivity. Similarly, HDMI and USB were most popular, and you can connect your DTH set-top box, laptop DVD player , and other devices to the HDMI port.

Furthermore, Android TV is a smart TV that has the Android operating system built-in and the majority of Android TVs come with Chromecast built-in. And yes! You can quickly cast your preferred apps from your Android or Apple phone.

There are lots of Streaming devices on the market and yeah! You don't think about whether your TV is a smart TV or a normal TV. Now, you can simply convert your ordinary TV into Smart TV.

What are the Features of Smart TVs, and How do they differ from one another?

Let’s see some attractive features of Smart TV. Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus, and HBO Max are only a few of the streaming services and content options existing on smart TVs.

Furthermore, there are a huge number of ad-supported free streaming services such as PlutoTV, Tubi, and Crackle.
It also has popular video-sharing sites, such as YouTube, and its smart TV apps that are improved for watching on television and navigating with remote control. Smart TVs are also the best way to listen to streaming music with internet radio services such as Spotify and Pandora.

In addition, most Smart TVs let you access social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook without a keyboard. The use of voice assistants is the biggest trends in smart TVs such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

How to Convert Normal TV to Smart TV using Streaming Sticks?

Sometimes you might be disordered about how to convert ordinary TV into a Smart TV. It is easy to convert normal TV to smart TV by using Chromecast, Amazon Fire Stick, or Airtel Xstreme Stick.
First of all, you want to find the HDMI port on your television. It is like a small, large slot with a tapered bottom, and HDMI ports are typically found on the back or side of your television set.
Moreover, take note of the number next to the HDMI port, as this is the input channel you will need to use with your Apple TV. There are three types of converting methods mentioned below.

Google Chrome Cast [Method 01]

You can use Chromecast to cast and stream content from OTT apps to your TV. You will need to download the Google Home app to your Android or iOS device to set up a Chromecast client for the first time,
Open any app on your phone, like Hotstar, Voot, Prime Video, and Netflix and then start casting from the casting icon in the top right corner. It will be picked up by the Chromecast system and streamed over Wi-Fi until you start casting video.
Also, you can use Chrome and Chromecast to cast from your laptop to your TV. Chromecast Ultra, a 4K-capable Chromecast, was released by Google.

Following are the easy steps to convert your ordinary TV into Smart TV using Chromecast.

Step 1 - Connect the Fire Stick to the HDMI port on your TV and then, connect a power outlet to the Fire Stick and substitute the batteries in the remote control for your Fire Stick.
Step 2 - Switch on the television and press the power on button on your TV.
Step 3 - Change the input on the TV to HDMI and press the "Play/Pause" button.
Step 4 - Select a wireless network to connect, enter the password and allow time for any updates to be installed.
Step 5 - When asked, sign in with your Amazon account and locate the HDMI port on your TV.
Step 6 - Connect the Chromecast to the HDMI port on your television and also connect the USB power cable to the device.
Step 7 - Switch on the TV and change the input on your TV to HDMI.
Step 8 - Install the Google Home app on your iPhone or Android device and go to Google Home and then open it.
Step 9 - When asked to accept, choose to ACCEPT and tap the Devices icon.
Step 10 - Allow time for your Chromecast to identify your phone and then select Continue.
Step 11 - Check the code on your TV and continue by tapping the Continue button.
Step 12 - Choose a wireless network for your Chromecast. As the last step, follow the commands on the screen and use your Chromecast as if it was a smart TV.

Amazon Fire Stick [Method 02]

Amazon Firestick is a streaming system that connects to your TV's HDMI port. The Amazon Firestick varies from the Chromecast in that it comes with software pre-installed on the computer. Also, casting is possible through a smartphone, but the same app must be enabled on both your phone as well as your fire stick.

The Amazon Fire Stick exists in two models like full HD and 4K. If the OTT app (Netflix, Prime, etc.) and your TV both support 4K, you can stream videos in 4K using the 4K stick. A Prime Video membership is compulsory to stream Prime Video from an Amazon Fire Stick.

Following are the simple steps to convert your normal TV into Smart TV using Amazon Firestick

Step 1 - Find the HDMI port on your television and attach the Fire Stick to the HDMI port on your TV.
Step 2 - Attach a power outlet to the Fire Stick and then connect the power cable.
Step 3 - Substitute the batteries in the remote control for your Fire Stick. Switch on the television and press the power button on your television.
Step 4 - Change the input on your TV to HDMI then press the "Play/Pause" button. Select a wireless network to connect and enter the password.
Step 5 - Replace the batteries in the remote control for your Fire Stick.
Step 6 - Switch on the television. Then press the power button on your television and change the input on your TV to HDMI.

Airtel Xstreme Stick [Method 03]

Airtel recently introduced a streaming device that functions equally to Chromecast and Firestick. The Airtel Xstreme stick runs Android 8.0 and lets you download applications from the Google Play Store. This computer comes with the Airtel Xstreme software pre-installed. Before known as Airtel TV, the app is now known as Airtel Xstreme.

Many TV shows and series from different platforms, such as Colors, HOOQ, ZEE TV, Sony TV, and thousands of movies, exist on this app. Nevertheless, live TV is only available via an app and cannot be seen on television. Also, you will need an active Xstreme app subscription to use the Xstreme stick.

Furthermore, the Airtel Xstreme stick includes a voice-activated remote for searching and controlling content on the Stick. This stick has Chromecast built-in; therefore you can use your phone to cast apps to your TV.

Lastly, you have some idea about these three methods. Smart TVs have been around for many years, and millions of people all over the world already own this device. If you plan to purchase a new Television and are wondering whether you should get a Smart TV. I think you had better convert your odd TV to Smart TV.

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