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Google Nest Mini vs. Google Home Mini [Complete Comparison and Review]

With so many new Smart devices on the market, you might be wondering where to begin and which ones are actually worth purchasing. Fortunately, we've put two of the best smart speakers to the test to find the pick of the bunch.

Moreover, if you have many Smart home gadgets in your houses, such as Wi-Fi-Powered robot vacuums or a luxury smart refrigerator, Google Assistant gives you the ability to monitor all of these Smart home devices.

The Google Home Mini and the Google Nest Mini are the most vital Smart Automation devices that are popular in-home assistance devices. Let's dig more about that.

What is “Google Nest Mini” and “Google Home Mini”

Google Nest Mini
Google Nest Mini and Google Home Mini are some of the most winning smart speakers introduced by Google. Also, the Google Home Mini is the first generation of the Google Smart speaker, and the Google Nest Mini is the second generation of the Smart speaker.

When the Google Home Mini was released, it was regarded as a significant advancement in-home technology, particularly given its low price. Nevertheless, it is still a decent little device that anyone can recommend to buy in shops or even second-hand.

However, the Google Nest Mini takes everything perfectly in the original Google Home Mini and adds a lot more. While not all of the additional features are critical to its popularity, the fact that the Google Nest Mini costs the same as the older Google Home Mini makes it a significant factor in buying decisions.

Similarities of "Google Home Mini" and "Google Nest Mini"

When considering the design, these two have the same design and same size with the same stylish fabric grille and four- LED display. And also, they are both circular with material covering and have LED lights on top that turn on when Google assistant is enabled.

Since they are both driven by Google Assistant, the Google Home Mini and Google Nest Mini have a lot in common, such as the ability to monitor your smart home devices with your voice. Furthermore, the capabilities of Google Assistant are vast; the versatile voice assistant can do anything from address general information questions to review your emails and schedule appointments.

However, the Google Home Mini's most appealing attribute is its affordable price. In reality, it is widely regarded as the most cost-effective smart speaker ever made. Fortunately, the Google Nest Mini is also in the same price range, making it a fantastic deal for those looking for an improved speaker function without the added cost.

Although there are some similarities, the Google Nest Mini differs from the Google Home Mini in that the Nest mini has more functionality and accessibility than the Google Home Mini. Further, the Google Nest Mini offers some improvements to the Google Home mini.

What are the differences?


Design-wise there is not a large amount of disparity among these two Smart speakers. The Nest Mini has a screw mount on the rear that allows it to be wall-mounted. As well as the Nest Mini is much more flexible. The wall-hung option is built-in rather than requiring an external accessory.

Similarly, the fabric grille on the Google Nest Mini is now entirely made of recycled plastic bottles. Previously Home Mini has been covered with a small part of rubber, and they have replaced it with a full rubber backing.

When considering the color, just four colors were available for the original Google Home Mini: Aqua, Chalk, Charcoal, and Coral. The Google Nest Mini, an updated edition, has the same colors as the original but adds two new ones: Sky and Sand.


The Google Home Mini has a physical microphone mute button and adjusts the volume with a tap on each side. In the meantime, the Nest mini has a physical microphone mute button but the volume tap controls are now next to the LED lights on the top of the unit. Also, there is an ultrasound detector built-in that lights up as your hand approaches.


The Google Home Mini is a nice little gadget. Nevertheless, the sound quality is not comparatively up to par with the other devices in the lineup. Further, background music and answering questions are perfect, but it is not a gadget you should use every day to listen to music. Compared to the Home Mini, the Nest Mini aims to boost this with new hardware.

Features and Hardware

In comparison to the Home Mini, the Nest Mini adds a third microphone in addition to sound enhancements. Google has granted the second generation model to respond to voice commands better and faster than the first. Furthermore, there are two sensors on the home mini on each side, and on the Nest Mini, there are now three sensors. There is one on each side and one in the middle for pausing music.

Further, the Google Nest Mini as an intercom is one of the new features coming to the device. It allows you to communicate with anyone in your home using your phone or another Nest speaker.

Take away

Even if the Google Home Mini is still around, we prefer the newer Google Nest Mini. Subtle design improvements, such as the ability to wall-mount and the use of eco-friendly materials, are positive steps forward in the second generation, and ultrasound technology makes the Nest Mini smarter than its ancestor. Moreover, it is a fantastic desk companion for casual listening.

“Finally, Google Nest Mini is an upgraded version of the Google Home Mini and a much better Smart home speaker. It is always up to the consumers to decide what they want to purchase depending on their convenience and preferences.”

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