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DAO Blockchain Development Company – Coinjoker

DAO Blockchain Development Company

Coinjoker- DAO development company offers DAO(Decentralized Autonomous Organization) services and solutions that provide a more decentralized, high reliable, and cost-effective method that address the challenges faced by traditional centralized platforms. Our DAO development solutions are making revolution in every sector and built with high potential strategies to rule the market and make the futuristic business over the competition.

*What is DAO?

DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) is an organization represented by rules that are encoded as a transparent program. It is controlled by the DAO organization members, and not involved any central government & authority. As the set of rules is embedded into the code using Smart Contract, so no need any supervisors and managers, thus removing many hierarchy hurdles. DAO is fully decentralized and operated on an ethereum blockchain network in a crowdfunding format, with smart contracts system between investors, who involves the shareholders of the company.

DAOs connect people with a common economic or social mission while automating processes such as collective decision-making, resource pooling, and capital deployment. Coinjoker is a leading DAO Blockchain Development Company offers DAO Blockchain services and solutions at affordable cost

Why do we need DAO?

DAO has several benefits in comparison to traditional companies. DAOs have a democratized organization and its financial transaction & rules are recorded on the blockchain through smart contracts. It eliminates the need of involving a third party in a financial transaction, simplifying those transactions through smart contracts. No one can edit the rules without people noticing, because DAOs are transparent and public. We are used to that having legal status; however, a DAO can function perfectly work without it because it can be structured as a general partnership. DAOs are primarily funded through token-based crowdfunding.

Features of DAO(Decentralized Autonomous Organization)


It performs the operations automatically and autonomously, without any external intervention. It is a self-financed business model, in which a certain percent of the reward goes directly to the treasury fund, it eliminates conflicts that do not need investment or donations from external methods of the network.


As the name refers, it is not governed by a centralized entity. Decentralization means that anyone can be part of the DAO, as long as it complies with the established norms to participate, in which each member enjoys the same rights.

Smart Contract

DAO is an organization that follows its own rules, which are written in smart contracts systems and executed on a blockchain.

DAO Tokens

DAO has the internal property that is “DAO token” is the asset that is used for financing purposes, in this case, it is made up of a custom cryptocurrency, token or online community space.

*Open Source Code

DAO is open-source, transparent which allows any interested third parties can access it. This allows your transaction to be displayed on your blockchain transparently.

Blockchain Technology

DAO uses blockchain technology to be decentralized and autonomous. And also DAOs benefit from their characteristics that is transparency, immutability, and incorruptibility.

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