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Lars Richter
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Review: IKEA Tradfri Shortcut Button

In case you did not know: I'm a fan of the IKEA Tradfri smart home system. It's super affordable and integrates nicely into my HomeKit system. And with the firmware update 1.13.21, the motion sensor and the shortcut button are supported in HomeKit as well.
And that was a good reason for me to get my hands on the shortcut button.

Pricing 💰

In the german IKEA online shop, the shortcut button is available for 6 EUR (about 7 USD). Just like all the other Tradfri components, it's a reasonable price. And in combination with Apple HomeKit, you get a programmable button that can trigger all sorts of automations.

What you get

Well... you get a button. Just a single button. Not a rocker switch with two different pressure points. Just one "big" button you can press. But you can trigger more than just one automation. We will get to that later.

Initially, the button is blank. But you also get a couple of stickers. One with a tea cup on it. One with a lamp. And one with a bed and a moon. But there is more. You also get 3 blank stickers. On those you can draw your own icons.


So, it's just a single button, but (at least in Apple HomeKit) you can assign different automation for "single press" and "long press". And if you use the "Home+" app (like me), you can even use "double press" as a separate action.

All in all...

... it's another affordable and easy to use smart home component made by IKEA. I think the shortcut button is a great way to trigger automations if you don't like voice assistants. While I do like my Siri assistant, I use the button to trigger my "Sleep tight" automation. It turns on a small lamp in the living room, one in the hallway and the lamp on my nightstand for 5 minutes and turns them off afterwards. HomeKit shows me the way to bed, so to speak.

Discussion (2)

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Ben Halpern

This is really slick. I trust that Ikea seems like a good ecosystem to invest in. None of this seems like a one-off. I'm definitely planning on keeping a closer eye on what they're doing. I had no idea these existed.

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Lars Richter Author

Yes, the IKEA ecosystem is quite nice. Easy to get started, it's affordable and everything works offline by default.
Another good point is, that you get all the basic components (buttons, switches, dimmers, light bulbs, plugs, motion sensors and more) from the same manufacturer. Also, I think the ZigBee radio protocol is a good choice in general.