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How To Choose A Home Automation System?

Home automation can be a lot of fun. But getting into home automation can be overwhelming. There are a lot of options.

Open-Source? 🛠️

Should I go with an open-source system? Popular choices are Home Assistant and OpenHAB. But where do you run it? Raspberry Pi? So you need extra hardware, a place to put it, and the technical knowledge and hardware to set it up.

The big players? 🍎

Or maybe something else? One of the "big players"? Philips Hue has a pretty big community. And you can connect other "non-Philips-devices" to the bridge as well. Speaking of lighting and bridges/gateways. IKEA has a similar system that is more affordable. And IKEA has light bulbs, smart power outlets (plugs), blinds, and more.

Avoid the vendor-lock without a Pi? 🔓

Or maybe something to avoid the vendor-lock entirely, without building something based on a Raspberry Pi? What about Homee?
My homee system
You can connect your Philips motion sensors, your IKEA light bulbs, the Aeotec window sensors, and much more. It's not even limited to Wifi and ZigBee. You can connect a ton of Z-Wave and EnOcean devices if you buy the corresponding "cubes".

What's your choice? 🤷

Do you have a home automation system? Have you settled for a single system? If so, what did you choose and what were the reasons for your choice?

Or maybe you haven't settled for a single system. Maybe you use system X for your lights but system Y for the heating? Which systems did you choose? And do you use "all the apps" or did you moved all of it into Alexa or Apple HomeKit?

Tell me about it.

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