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HomeSmartHome - The Big Picture

Welcome to my little "Building My Own Home Automation Suite" post series. As I mentioned in my last post, Ben inspired me to do this with his post about his personal project called "HomeSweetHome". I liked the idea and the name so much, that I called my project "HomeSmartHome". πŸ˜„

So in my last post, I wrote about my first experience using the CoAP interface of my IKEA Tradfri Gateway to control the connected lights. You can find the post here:

Later, I decided to use this API to build my own little home automation suite. In this post, I want to share my vision of what I plan to build.

The General Idea

The main idea is to build a tool, that will help me control and automate my lights. Later I might extend the tool to control and automate my other smart home devices as well. In the first step, I will focus on the "control" part of it.

So there should be a simple UI / API to switch my lights on and of, change the brightness, and change the color of the light bulb if it is supported by the device.

Automate All The Things

Some time ago, I wrote a short post about my light automation.

The new tool will make the automation even more flexible because I can write my automation logic in my favorite programming language and I'm not restricted to predefined actions in some vendor apps.

Unified User Interface

My smart home setup consists of two main building blocks. As you already know, the first one is the IKEA Tradfri Gateway. But for all "non-light" stuff, I use homee as my home automation system. That's why I also plan to integrate the homee as well. This step is not really optional, because some of my "smart lights" are not really smart. Some of them are "dump lights" on a smart plug. So if I want to control all my lights, a homee integration should be done as soon as I'm mostly satisfied with Tradfri integration.

And That's It For Now

This is the main idea for now. I'm sure, that the scope of the project will grow over time. Because... you know... it's a software project. πŸ˜„

Do you have any other ideas? Did I miss an important part? Do you have a custom home automation suite yourself? Tell me about it.

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