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Ben Halpern
Ben Halpern

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Welcome thread!

Great to have you here!

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Peter Frank


I'm more home automation "curious" than "committed," but look forward to browsing and being a part of this community.

My humble "automation stack" currently consists of a few old-school wall outlets that flip on/off with a remote. These aren't my exact set (mine are bigger and older looking), but I've had my current 3-pack since 2012. I love them, and they've survived about 7 different moves. I simply use them to toggle my lights around the room (especially helpful if I've connected something like christmas lights to an inconvenient plug).

example of remote control switches

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Peter Frank

Again, these aren't the set I use, but I'm just noticing the pretty wacky "interface" on the remote.

They are really asking the user of that remote to remember that "on" is both up and left, and "off" is both down and right, depending on the numbered outlet. Wild stuff.

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Ben Halpern Author

At this point great home automation is still questionably valuable. You have to love the process.

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Charanjit Chana

Hello! I’ve bought into the HomeKit ecosystem over the past 3-4 years. Started with a bunch of Hue bulbs and now have two light strips (Osram) and Hue sensors and switches. I also found some door sensors from Koogeek which have been great. Oh and a Logi Circle 2.

I’m looking to ideas on automation from my fairly modest setup. The thing I miss most from taking items out of the Hue app and into Home is the ability to take the motion sensors’ lux value into account.

I finally gave in and built a Shortcut for it but then found out you can’t trigger the Shortcut with motion detection! 🤦‍♂️

Anyway, hello everyone I’ll hopefully be posting up soon and maybe even helping others out where I can!

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Ben Halpern Author

Great to have you early in the community! This is exactly the kind of discovery I hope we can figure out together.

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Paweł Ludwiczak • Edited on


My story: bought a small piece of land couple years ago and built a house there (well, not really with my bare hands 🤷‍♂️). Couple years later, we still waste money on improvements and some DIY projects. I love gardening and every kind of outside activities.

I tried making our home smart and automated (Philips Hue light bulbs, etc) but ended up with only very basic smart things:

  • AC controlled via phone app (I still consider this being very useful)
  • Mowing robot (geez, that was a really good investment!)
  • Irrigation system

Fun fact: I have a list of ~50-60 things I'd do differently when building another house (yes, there's a long-term plan for that) – all types of things like layout of the house, interior design, decorations etc..

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Lars Richter

Hi everyone.

I'm Lars from Hamburg, Germany. I bought a house a few years ago and started home automation / smart home in Juli this year. I started with a little lighting and added radiator thermostats, window contact sensors, and a couple of smart plugs.

My main automation tool is Apples HomeKit, but I also use homee to include a lot of ZigBee, Z-Wave and EnOcean components. I will make a short post about my current setup in the following days.

Happy to be here. :-)

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Im super fascinated by all things automation so thank you Ben for starting this! Excited for all the cool things I will be learning on here!

So far I have only done a few small things around the house:

  • motion sensors that automatically turn lights on and off (this is really useful when you walk into the house with your hands full)
  • smart power plugs controlled by Google Home devices
  • plex tv (helps sharing media across all screens in the house)

Recently I've been planning to do some automation using raspberry pi. I like the idea of putting live data on screens to help with keeping track of stuff. I do some investing/trading and I want to be able to get a glimpse of prices or portfolio performance without much effort. I'm also very intrigued by NLP and sites like techmeme.com and would like to build some tools/apps to automate news curation.

I would also like to mess around with digital picture frames. I feel like there is some cool stuff that can be done to make the frames more social. Example: a digital frame that pulls photos from Instagram. Imagine you added 3-5 family members and set the frame to pull the latest 5 photos from each individual Instagram profile. Or you can set the digital picture frames to display photos pulled from Instagram hashtags that you find interesting.

I'll be sure to post on here whenever I do complete any new automation around the house.

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Thomas Bnt

Hello 😄

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Phil JF

New home owner here 🎉

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Lisa Sy

Glad to be here!

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Lee Wynne

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Oka bRionZ


It's me here.
Love the web and nice to meet You guys...

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scarlett • Edited on


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