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Cover image for The Utility of a Giant Battery on Wheels is Revolutionary

The Utility of a Giant Battery on Wheels is Revolutionary

Ben Halpern
Creator of this website
・2 min read

I'm a big EV fan. It's hardly a silver bullet in our planet's fight with climate change, but it's certainly a net positive. Along with the environmental and health impact of far less local pollution, I really don't have time for the skeptics. 😅

Beyond the good parts of electric vehicles in this regard, it is absolutely fascinating to observe the utility and invention on top of this giant battery on wheels.

Ford spoke to the capacity to use their upcoming electric pickup truck as a backup battery for one's home. Given the popularity of pickup trucks in Texas and the recent memories of massive grid failure in that state, the appeal here is certain to be large.

For my wife and I, Tesla's "dog mode" has been amazing. We go on trips with our pup Ruby and have no reservations about leaving her in the car while we do any number of activities.

dog mode

EV camping is another fascinating frontier. Camp all night in a climate controlled environment, lose about 15% of the battery by leaving the AC running. Wake up in the morning and go hiking.

camp mode

Generally any experience which requires extended periods of sitting around in one's car are made fundamentally more practical when the battery can do all the work. Entire elements of society assume that cars can't stay on for long periods of time while sitting in one place. Beyond the conveniences that already act as killer features, the proliferation of this technology will allow for the rethinking of a lot of norms.

My last post was about EVs as a whole, so check out that for some more opinions on this technology.

I'm obviously a fan of where this is going for the enjoyability of these products. Here's hoping we lean in on recycling and sustainability within battery production practices and don't trade one environmental disaster for another.

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