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Ben Halpern
Ben Halpern

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It's hard to gift smart home things

It's amazing how complicated compatibility can be. If you're not obviously part of one ecosystem, it can be really hard to buy gifts in this area.

This might be changing gradually but you're always fighting an uphill battle when things are changing. This idea of ecosystem compatibility is a very new thing in so many ways. My toaster never used to care what my fridge thought of it. 😅

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XKCD Standards Comic

It would be nice if we had a standard for smart home tech, but then that would just be another standard added to the list :\

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Ben Halpern Author

I sort of think you can’t quite solve problems with standards but you can with standards and a willingness to commit like crazy to growing whatever you want to do. No standard gets adoption no matter how well conceived without a lot of work.

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Lars Richter

That's so true. A friend of mine gave me a ZigBee motion sensor as a gift, because "my smart home can do ZigBee". While it's true that my smart home system supports ZigBee devices, the motion sensor is not a supported device

But I hope things will get a little better with "Thread" and the "Project CHIP".