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Cover image for Ikea Symfonisk Bookshelf Speaker Review

Ikea Symfonisk Bookshelf Speaker Review

Ben Halpern
Creator of this website
・1 min read

This is a quick review for the Ikea Symfonisk speakers I bought last week. Here's the deal: They are really solid value.

They sound good. I can tell they are not $1,000 speakers, but they are great for the price: $99. Furthermore, they are compatible with the Sonos ecosystem, and are the best value around for such speakers.

The most economical Sonos speakers are otherwise around $169, so these come in at equivalent quality for nearly half the cost. We have been very satisfied setting these up. They look beautiful in the room and we can fill the house for less than $1,000.

Sonos seems like a good ecosystem to be a part of and expect continuous software enhancements and broad support of services. They have a bad rap for failing to create backwards compatibility on their older speakers, and as much as that sucked, I imagine they won't do that again. But who knows...

Discussion (5)

n_develop profile image
Lars Richter

Pretty cool. And I just learned that they support AirPlay2. Awesome. I think I will buy a couple of these.

n_develop profile image
Lars Richter

What have you done?

I bought two Symfonisk Bookshelf Speakers. You'll have to explain that to my wife.

n_develop profile image
Lars Richter

And here I am, listening to one of my favorite albums with my Apple HomePod Mini and my new Symfonisk Speaker as a stereo pair. Life is good.

johnbwoodruff profile image
John Woodruff

So buying multiple of these will allow them to sync up music throughout the house?

ben profile image
Ben Halpern Author

Yup. They connect with Sonos, which itself is an interface to most of your other music and/or direct streaming like Airplay, etc.

Sonos is a really nice system— But when I think Sonos I think "prohibitively expensive"— so it was nice to discover the most economical hardware that is compatible.