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HomeSweetHome: My personal home automation project.

I have begun the process of developing my own home automation suite. Here are the principles behind the project:

  • It's not for me to build everything from scratch, it's give myself a computation layer to piece good things together.
  • This is my control layer for creating compatibility between ecosystems. I prefer things inherently more compatible, but when that is not possible, this is the abstraction layer.
  • This is how my home achieves and ensures privacy. Privacy is a spectrum. Some things will be handed over to "services" that may or may not erode our privacy, but this helps minimize this.
  • This is a chance to have fun with different UX and try to impress guests. (Post covid, of course)

I hope I only have to build some things myself, and find good tools to plug in as I go. I have chosen to make my system with a Ruby on Rails app, as that is what I use in my job and I can't learn too many new things 😅. But I am a web dev at heart and I'm sticking with things I know.

I am happy with this library for talking to my Hue system...

GitHub logo bradyaturner / lights

A Ruby library & CLI for interacting with Philips Hue


A Ruby library & CLI for interacting with Philips Hue.


gem install lights 

Basic Usage

require 'lights'
client = Lights.new( '192.168.x.x', 'username' )
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See lights-examples for more usage examples.

CLI Quick Setup

lights discover -s
lights register
lights list
lights on
lights off

See Sample Usage (Implemented) for more usage examples.



bundle exec rspec spec/
bundle exec cucumber spec/features/


rake test


rake build


rake install

I'm happy I made this post as a bit of a rant on how much of a pain in the ass some of this has been so far...

Getting that out of my system was nice in helping me get started on something good.

The cover image on this post is a screenshot of how my interface looks so far. I'll be sharing details and demos along the way. Follow me here on Hometechnica for updates.

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