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Discussion on: If Apple is entering the car business, how much longer do internal combustion engines have?

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Ben Halpern Author

I myself am a Tesla driver, and you’d be amazed how easy it is. Since I plug in at home I leave the house with a full tank every time. There is a small amount of overhead in planning for trips, but IMO the pros outweigh the cons.

However I bought my car for 49k. The more affordable EVs are a few steps behind. Not that Apple is going to come in on the affordable side, but I do think change is speeding up.

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I guess I'm just worried about when I take my longer trips around the country driving 500+ miles and how easy it will be for me to find a place to charge quickly.

For general around town driving (which is most of what I do), I think they'd be great, especially once the price comes down. I'd be all for replacing either my wife's or my car with a Tesla or the like, just not sure I'd be willing to do both at this point in time.

The other thing I think we need to figure out is how to handle those who live in apartments and whatnot. I have a house and a garage that would allow me to charge it every time I come home (once I upgrade my garage's electric). When I lived in an apartment, I just had a shared parking lot...how many apartment complexes would be willing to shell out the money to put in chargers?

I know I sound like a negative Nancy, but I really do want to see electric cars succeed. I just know we have a lot of infrastructure that needs to get built out before enough people will feel comfortable getting fully electric vehicles. I do agree with you though, I think the change is speeding up.