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Top 5 use-cases of Decentraland Clone

Decentraland is the first-ever virtual 3D World that enables its users to create, explore, and trade on-chain assets. Decentraland has its own native token MANA. This is used to sell or buy lands, real estate, wearables, etc. Wondering about building a virtual world like Decentraland? This is possible with the pre-fabricated Decentraland clone which encompasses all the features of decentraland. Let's discuss the top use-cases of the Decentraland clone.

Application Development

The users can create innovative apps and 3D content with the help of decentraland scripting language.

3D Model Creation

The landowners can create 3D models and set up them on their land or real estate. It can be used to conduct virtual events.

Digital Collectibles

The users can trade numerous digital collectibles like lands, estates, and avatar wearables for a massive price.


Advertising is one of the top marketing strategies. The landowners can advertise their brands to the community by setting up billboards.


The landowners can create interesting games and invite other community members to their games and earn more rewards.

Decentraland is likely to have a bright future since its native token MANA. It has been acclaimed as the best performing token past year. Capitalize more by creating your own virtual world like decentraland and gain an immersive experience.

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